Will be an hour long documentary film dedicated to sharing the great history of The Church of God In Christ Organization, as well as giving tribute and honor to the hundreds (even thousands) of early Church Pioneers, who have gone without recognition for their contributions to make this Church Organization great. This movie offers every single member of COGIC an opportunity to have their loved ones and their contributions forever remembered in this iconic movie. You may arrange an on camera interview or send names, photos, dates & Church information to:

About the Director/Producer:

Benjamin Jimerson-Phillips is the son of former COGIC Presiding Bishop J.O. Patterson Sr. & Jessie Jimerson-Phillips. He is one of the fortunate few of his generation, who were able to be personally anointed & blessed, by his Grandfather & COGIC Founder: Bishop C.H. Mason.

Producer of 7 Secular Motion Pictures (Including comedian Katt Williams first movie); As well as Stars from music, movie & television fields, both Oscar & Emmy Nominated Actors, (including a project with Halle Berry). He is the author of 5 successful books; Done numerous television productions; Appointed as a Colonel on the Staff of The Governor of The State of New Mexico; Named a Goodwill Ambassador by The Governor of Arkansas; and Named U.S. Goodwill Ambassador in a Special Senate Resolution.

He undertakes this movie with a sense of pride to help honor the memory of the many Saints who labored to help make COGIC Organization great.

* 'COGIC Pioneers Tribute Movie', is an Independent Movie Project, and is NOT a product of The Church of God In Christ Inc.